Echo & Cardiac Imaging

Echo Quiz 2018

Echo Quiz - Round 3

Clinical Line: 34 years male presenting with breathlessness on exertion, abdominal distension and swelling of feet.

Prominent Hepatic Vein Flow Reversal during Expiration

Explanation: In CP, during expiration, the increased filling of the left-sided cardiac chambers shifts the ventricular septum back to the right, and right-sided cardiac chamber filling is reduced. This reduces the hepatic vein forward velocity and exaggerates the late diastolic reversal velocity.

1. Ventricular Inter-Dependence / Septal Bounce
2. Exaggerated respiratory variation across mitral and tricuspid valves
3. Reduced e’ (septal) velocity on TDI (< 8 cm/sec)
4. Annulus Reversus - mitral valve septal e'> than lateral e'
5. Annulus Paradoxus - increased movement of the medial MV annulus as the disease progresses.
6. Thickenend and calcified pericardium.
7. Pre Mature Pulmonary Valve Closure

Constrictive Pericarditis

Compiled by Dr Sunil Bohra, Associate Director

Winners are:

Dr. Sonali Inamdar from Pune, Maharastra.

Dr. Vrajesh V. Dhomne from Kolar, Karnataka.

Dr.Shakeel Ahmed from Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu. (Joint Winners).

Amal Saif Hamed from Oman. (Joint Winners).