Echo & Cardiac Imaging

Echo Quiz 2018

Echo Quiz - Round 2

Clinical History: 65 Years Male Smoker with H/O Exertional Dyspnoea, Swelling of Feet and Hemoptysis

Cor-Pulmonale / COPD with Pulmonary Hypertension

1. Mid Systolic Notching in RVOT flow
2. Short Pulmonary Acceleration Time

1. Dilated RA and RV
2. RVH
3. Flattening of IVS (D shaped LV)
4. Dilated IVC and Hepatic Veins

Compiled by Dr Sunil Bohra, Associate Director

Winners are:

Ms. Sangeeta Porwal from Pune.

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed from Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh.

Dr. T.M.Agrawal from Delhi.

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